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Competition Rules 2010/11

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Competition Rules 2010/11 Empty Competition Rules 2010/11

Post by Chris Noble on Fri May 28, 2010 5:54 am

The club holds 6 internal competitions during the season plus print & projected image of the year at the end of the season. You can submit three prints in a mount not greater than 40cm by 50cm and three images for projection for each competition.

There are two classes A for the more experienced in the club and B for those who are new to submitting their pictures for judging. When you pay your subscription you will be given three competition numbers to use through the year. These should be the sole method of identification on the pictures you submit for the internal competitions. Please make certain that your name or other means of identifying you is not present on the picture. Pictures can only be submitted once for these competitions.

Prints must be mounted on hard cardboard no bigger than 40cm x 50cm.

With your prints do make certain that no adhesive in any form is exposed as it can easily damage other peoples work. If exposed sticky stuff is found on any picture it will be automatically withdrawn from the competition. It is best to use a mount that ends up flush on the back rather than leaving tape exposed. If you are in doubt as to how to do this do ask for a demonstration from Bob Morgan or Andy Polakowski.

For the Prints and Projected Image competitions the best two scoring images from the best 5 competitions count towards the awards.

Points for Photographer of the year shall be obtained from all entries in the two categories prints and projected.

Judges shall award 20 points for the winning image in each category and shall base the points for all other entries on how close they are to the winning image.

No points are awarded for the Print and Projected Image of the Year competitions, instead the judge is encouraged to choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd and award Highly Commended and Commended to other pictures as he sees fit.

Digital Projected Images

  • Images presented in internal competitions for projection shall for the 2010-2011 season be in digital file format. Up to three images can be submitted unless the individual rules of a particular competition say otherwise.
  • Digital images for projection can either be submitted in the format below to the competition secretary on hand in evening or emailed to the competition secretary by 22.00 on the hand evening at the latest. It is important that you receive a receipt note if emailing and please keep e-mail sizes down to a maximum of 2Mb. Submission on the night can be on CD/DVD. Please make certain that whatever medium you use is clearly labelled with your name. Various forms of flash memory cannot be used as they often need to be registered to the computer and will cause the competition secretary undue trouble. The competition secretary will undertake to return your storage media by the date of the competition.
  • Our projector has a resolution of 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high. To see your pictures at their best they should be resized to fit these dimensions. If the picture dimensions are less then the picture will project small. If they are bigger you are leaving the resizing to the projector/projection software, not the best way to do it. If you do not have software to crop and resize images talk nicely to some one in the club who has and is prepared to help. So if your picture is landscape in format it should not be more than 1400 pixels wide and 1050 high. If it is in portrait format it should not be more than 1050 pixels high.
  • Images should not have your name in the file name or on the picture. Please see that the file is named in the following sequence for our internal competitions. Your Competition number_competition date_your picture title. Thus the name could look like :- A456_27_October_landscape.jpg Note the prefix A in the example please use or A or B as a prefix to your competition number to indicate which group you are entering. This form of file naming will not apply to external and inter club competitions where the form of naming will be announced before the competition in question.
  • Metadata for the moment we will not worry about this too much. If you know how to, and have the software, do put the image title in the Metadata. Please remove all personal references from the metadata before submission.
  • Images can be submitted as .jpg or .tif If you use jpgs do use quality 12. If you are using tiffs then flatten all layers, remove any alpha channels, and use 8-bit colour and no compression. If you are emailing entries do use jpg to avoid bandwidth problems.
  • The images must be RGB NOT CMYK Convert your images to sRGB colour space. We will standardise on this for the moment and it is probably the safest way to ensure that judges can reliably see the colour of your images. Any problems find someone in the club who might know more than you do to help!!!
  • The copyright of the images remains with you. The competition secretary will see that images are removed from his own computers and the one used for projection on the competition night. He will ask judges to remove your images from their computers.

In summary sRGB pictures .jpg or .tiff on disc or by email resized to fit the projector. Named A(your number)_competition date_title.jpg/tiff

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