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Competition Rules - Final Warning

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Competition Rules - Final Warning Empty Competition Rules - Final Warning

Post by Chris Noble on Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:58 pm

Hi All,

If you have paid your membership you should have received a copy of the handbook in which is included a summary of the Competition Rules (SEE ALSO). Could I ask eveyone who enters competitions to read these carefully as quite a number of you have failed to follow them for Competition 2. The job of preparing the images for a judge takes up enough time without having to fix issues.

As we have an issue with the overall entry and have to cut entries I am looking for ways to reduce the entry. From Competition 3 onwards, the rules will be strictly adhered to. If your image does not comply fully within the rules it will be eliminated from the competition. This will both help with the overall numbers and reduce the time I have to spend preapring the images for the judge.

The main issues are with the naming of images and the sizing for our projector. I have counted 11 images that would be eliminated from Competition 2. It is also important when sending via e-mail that you keep e-mails down to a maximum size of 2Mb.

The rules regarding deadline will also be strictly adhered to. You must submit prints on or before the Monday submission date and e-mail entries for DPI will be accepted up to midnight of the same Monday. No extensions will be given to this. As the dates are clearly set out for the season there should be no reason for a deadline extension.

I am sorry to be so heavy handed about this but enough is enough and I am tired wasting extra time fixing issues every month. If every image had an issue that took just 30 seconds to resolve I could be spending in excess of an hour just fixing these – not something I am willing to do any more.

So in summary – Get you images right or they don’t make it to the judge.

Chris Noble
Chris Noble
Chris Noble

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