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Critique three areas are they required?

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Critique three areas are they required? Empty Critique three areas are they required?

Post by Eric M Palmer on Mon Dec 02, 2013 9:41 am

Back in August 2011 the critique circles failed and were discontinued but we have a tree of critique sections. These will vary slightly according to which circle one belonged to so I have.
Open Critique Section - Critique Circles
Archived Open Critique Critique Circle 3 - Previously Critiqued Photographs
So there are 6 areas all for critique for me, some people may only be able to access 5 areas and there are I assume another 2 areas which I have no assess to. What seems to be happening is Critique and Open Critique are both being used for the same thing and as a result some people are not commenting on pictures because they have jumped to one section and not looked in the other section. The other 6 areas are all archive areas but to my mind Critique and Open Critique need joining together and the other 6 need making read only so no one posts in those sections in error.

As to Critique circles maybe a question is raised if people would like these restarting or not. Personally I am not worried about people knowing it's my picture but others may so seeing how many would be interested would seem a good exercise.
Eric M Palmer
Eric M Palmer

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Critique three areas are they required? Empty Re: Critique three areas are they required?

Post by Mike Catania on Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:10 am

I do tend to prefer the open area as so few of us post, it would be a pain. The old circles left just in case we wanted to restart them.

I always use View posts since last visit so I never miss an image either in critique or open critique sections. Yes I agree it would be better if all posted in open area but I don't think people realize there is a difference.
Mike Catania
Mike Catania

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