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Post by Ann-Marie Metcalfe on Thu May 20, 2010 8:13 am

At the moment, there are only a couple of areas to this forum, The Think Tank. (Cheesy name I know, but I had to call it something. Discussion Area didn't quite cut it). The entire forum can be divided up into as many areas as you want. For example you could have areas for Club Announcements, a separate area for General Discussions, Days Out, For Sale/Wanted, Events... etc. The list goes on.

What we need to do, before any more work goes into the site, is decide if we are happy with the general look and feel of the forum.

If so,

  • who will be designated site admins? (these people will have access to all the behind
    the scenes work and must know what they're doing, because if anything
    is added/deleted by mistake it can be catastrophic)
  • who will be designated site moderators? (these people will be able to
    edit/delete/move posts on the main forum. Keep an eye out for anything
    that's out of place and watch for general behavour problems of members,
    but won't have access to any of the background work)
  • what specific areas do we think we'll need?
To be honest, the fewer admin the better. Less chance of anything going wrong.A handful of moderators generally works quite well because they can a) keep an eye on things and b) keep the forum moving if it gets a bit stagnent. (This is in my general experience of online forums)

Any thoughts, opinions and suggestions appreciated.
Ann-Marie Metcalfe
Ann-Marie Metcalfe

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Post by Steve Jones on Wed May 26, 2010 8:10 am


I thought Chris, Gary and yourself were the moderators and administrators?

I would be willing to act as a back-up moderator, if required.


Steve Basic Setup Icon_study
Steve Jones
Steve Jones

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