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AV Competition - 28th February

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AV Competition - 28th February Empty AV Competition - 28th February

Post by Chris Noble on Wed Jan 19, 2011 6:05 am

AV Competition

Date: 28th February 2011

Submission Date: 7th February 2011

Judges: Marion Waine & John Rowell of the NWAWAVG

Subject is Open with a maximum length of 5 minutes and must contain at least one soundtrack which can be music or a voiceover or a mixture of both.

Limited to one entry per member. However if entries are low members may be permitted to enter a second AV. You can submit two entries on 7th Feb but you must indicate which is your first choice entry.

All AV shows should be formatted within the 1400 x 1050 limits as per DPI entries

All entries should be submitted as a PC Executable files (EXE). All software packages should be able to produce these.

When submitting your entry you need to provide the following details:

1. Your Name
2. Title of AV
3. Brief Description of AV
4. Software Used
5. Length in minutes:seconds
6. You can also provide information about Photography and Soundtrack if you wish.

Chris Noble
Chris Noble
Chris Noble

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AV Competition - 28th February Empty Entry List

Post by Chris Noble on Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:08 pm

The full list of entries is as follows:

1. Ken Smyth - Erddig Tress - 04:02 - Pictures To Exe

2. Pat Venn - Hebrides - 05:00 - Pictures To Exe

3. Paul Harper - Japan - 04:20 - Windows Media

4.Chris Noble - One World - 04:30 - ProShow Gold

5. Phil Parsons - People of Cuba - 05:00 - ProShow Gold

6. Chris Davies - Steam Power - 03:22 - ProShow Producer

7. Allan Heath - The Legend of Beeston Castle - 04:55 - ProShow Gold

8. John Bell - The Rainforest - 04:52 ProShow Gold

9. Andy Polakowski - The Runaway - 05:00 - Pictures To Exe

10. Chris Noble - The Windmill - 03:34 - ProShow Gold

11. Chris Davies - Transport Extravaganza - 02:19 - ProShow Producer

12. Bill Furse - Venice Carnival - 04:04 - ProShow Gold

13. Ken Smyth - Villa Barbarolli - 04:37 - Pictures To Exe

14. Bill Furse - Wildlife of South Africa - 04:59 - ProShow Gold

Chris Noble
Chris Noble
Chris Noble

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AV Competition - 28th February Empty Report & Results by John Hoogerwerf - Published in Newsletter - Vol 2 Issue 9 - April 2011

Post by Chris Noble on Wed Apr 06, 2011 5:04 am

Tonight’s competition was a first for me as it was, I suspect, for many members of the club. I have never been at an AV competition before either using slides or digital images. However, after our session on creating AVs at the club a few weeks ago I was keen to see what our colleagues could produce. I also wondered just how such competitions were judged. Our Judges for tonight were John (Rowell) and Marion (Waine) from the North Wales and Wirral AV Group and before they started John gave a few comments on what the judges would be looking for.

John advised that while the normal rules of photographic composition etc. were followed sometimes there was a need for a special type of shot which allowed for the fade between shots to create a “third” image during the course of the fade. He also emphasised the importance of the sound track and the link that was needed between the words of any song and the actual pictorial context. However the essential purpose of an AV sequence is to ‘communicate an idea’ or series of ideas to the audience via:

• Images
• Music
• Narrative.

Images need to be of the usual high standard expected of a photographic competition and their link to the music and narrative needed to be smooth. Normally the sequence is more successful if all the images are either in portrait or landscape throughout, although it is possible to mix them when used cleverly. The whole sequence in totality needs to have been thought about and the subject needs to be of interest to the viewing audience. Music must fit seamlessly with the images and any narrative provided. Several times John referred to the AV sequence of pictures needing to “dance” in time with the music and noted several times that sequences had been given a standard time period between fades so that not all the changes fitted in with the music.

Further guidance and comments were given as part of the judging as follows:

Ken Smyth – Erddig Trees: The red cars during the sequence had been distracting and the 1 vertical image had broken the flow of the sequence.

Pat Venn – Hebrides: The music dictated the pace of the sequence of images – however, the song was sung in Gaelic and the judges were not sure if the words of the song fitted with the images. The sequence could have been improved if the phasing between images was slowed down.

Paul Harper – Japan: The judges approved the use of on the spot recording of sights and sounds and the music fitted well with the images.

Chris Noble – One world: This was one of the more technical sequences and the judges admitted that it made them think. Images of a country or area are enhanced when it includes images of local people shot in situ.

Phil Parsons - People of Cuba: Phil had used a “good” introduction to advise the audience what they were going to see and the sequence “ended where it started”. However, the words didn’t relate that well to the images and some fades did not sit well with the music.

Chris Davies – Steam Power: The fades fitted well with the music but there were different sized images on screen which was distracting. On a positive note there was a good use of close ups to link sequences.

Allan Heath – The Legend of Beeston Castle: The judges liked the use of a narrative but there were a number of technical issues with the sequence. The judges warned about using well know music as the audience could connect this to better known films etc. More anonymous music would have been better.

John Bell - The Rain Forest: The judges complimented the author on having thought out the exit right from the beginning and this showed. There was a narrative and there was a good balance between the words and the music. We were all drawn into the exotic images and were all equally shocked to find out we had only been as far as Cornwall!

Andy Polakowski – The Runaway: The author was complimented for having had the courage to tackle a comedy subject which is not easy to do in an AV presentation. It was generally agreed that Andy had succeeded. On a negative note the judge didn’t like the bar code on the bear’s ear. Was this left there to return it to the shop once the shoot had been completed!?

Chris Noble – The Windmill: This sequence showed that you don’t always need a music track and sometimes the narrative alone was sufficient. The judges questioned the use of both colour and monochrome images. Would it have been better to stick to the one medium?

Chris Davies – Transport Extavaganza: The judges again commented on the images not “dancing” to the music.

Bill Furse – Venice Carnival: The author fitted together the various elements of location and costume. Including some history of the mask and the history of the carnival could have taken this to a new level.

Ken Smyth – Villa Barbarolli: The judges felt that this fell down on the communication to the audience. Where is it and why is it famous. Would I like to visit it?

Bill Furse – Wildlife of South Africa: The fades were not in sync with the music. The images were not of the same size and varied only by very small amounts but it was distracting

And the Judges result:

Commended: Hebrides – Pat Venn
Highly Commended: One world - Chris Noble
3rd Place: People of Cuba - Phil Parsons
2nd Place: The Runaway - Andy Polakowski
1st Place: The Rain Forest - John Bell

The Peoples Oscars were decided by popular vote as follows:

1st Place: The Rain Forest
2nd Place: People of Cuba
3rd Place: One World

Well at least we agreed on the winner and two of the top three. Not bad for a first time.

Chris Noble
Chris Noble
Chris Noble

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AV Competition - 28th February Empty Re: AV Competition - 28th February

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