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Flintshire Leisure Drive Empty Flintshire Leisure Drive

Post by Chris Noble on Fri May 28, 2010 6:17 am

During the summer of 2009 the club carried out a project to photograph the Flintshire Leisure Drive. Several walks were organised and well attended. Overall over 800 images were submitted for the project.

Despite setbacks in gaining the funding we wanted to create a book of the images it was decided to proceed with the project without the assistance of any external organisation.

Currently Chris Noble, Bob Morgan & Jonathan Davies are reviewing all the submitted images with a view to creating an AV and potentially a book.

It is intended to have the AV ready for the Chairman's evening on 20th September 2010. The book processing will take a little longer.

76 images have been selected for the AV while another 245 have been selected as possible to fill gaps.

The next review is on Tuesday 1st June

Chris Noble
Chris Noble
Chris Noble

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Flintshire Leisure Drive Empty Update on 2nd June

Post by Chris Noble on Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:12 pm

Bob, Jonathan and I met last last night and reviewed the images with a map of the route in hand. We located the images on the map which gave us a clearer picture of where the gaps are.

Two images were also promoted from the possibles list while others were highlighted for use in composite images for the AV.

The next plan is to review the route, paying particular attention to the gaps to see what subjects might add to the selection. THis will take place after next week when Bob returns for a visit to Cardiff.

In addition I sent out an e-mail to all club members requesting images that might fill some of the gaps.

The gaps we are looking to fill are as follows:

Section 1: Mold to Holywell
- Love Lane Car park (the starting and ending point of the drive)
- Rhosesmor Church and Monument
- Hilltop Fort (Rhosesmor)
- Halkyn Mountain

Section2: Holywell to Llanasa
- The archway at Tre-Mostyn
- Coastal Images (could be obtained on the club walk on 9th June)

Section 3: Llanasa to Caerwys
- Route from Gop Hill on the A551 to McDonalds (A55 junction)
- Caerwys Village

Section 4: Caerwys to Cilcain
- Afonwen Craft Centre
- Route from Afonwen to Cilcain

Section 5: Cilcain to Nercwys
- Pantymwyn Bridge
- Around Maeshafn including Moel Findig Walk
- Nercwys Village

Section 6: Nercwys to Caergwrle
- All along the route for this section.
- Caergwrle Castle

Section 7: Caergwrle to Hawarden
- Route from Hope to Hawarden vis Higher Kinnerton

Section 8: Hawarden to Flint
- Blue Bridge at Queensferry
- Flintshire Bridge

Section 9: Flint to Mold
- Northop Village
- Soughton Village and Hall
- Mold Town Centre

Chris Noble
Chris Noble
Chris Noble

Posts : 2175
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