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Club Constitution (as ratified at the AGM on Monday 17th May 2010)

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Club Constitution (as ratified at the AGM on Monday 17th May 2010) Empty Club Constitution (as ratified at the AGM on Monday 17th May 2010)

Post by Chris Noble on Fri May 28, 2010 5:44 am


1. This club shall be known as the Mold Camera Club (hereinafter referred to as MCC) and its object shall be to foster interest in photography.

2. Any person interested in photography shall be eligible for membership. MCC encourages any person to join who is interested in photography regardless of ethnic origin, religious beliefs, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation.

3. MCC will:-
a. Encourage and cultivate attitudes which will give its members parity of esteem.
b. Make all new members aware of its policy
c. Endeavour to make all its members feel comfortable, safe and free from any form of harassment or unwanted attention.
d. Produce a programme of events that will seek to meet the interests of all its members.

4. Membership of MCC implies the undertaking to comply with and abide by the constitution and any other rules of MCC.

5. The MCC year shall be from the 1st day of September to the 31st day of August the following year.

6. The officers of MCC shall consist of: a Chairman; Vice Chairman; Honorary Secretary; Honorary Treasurer; Honorary Competition Secretary, Honorary Programme Secretary and Honorary External Competition Secretary. Other post holders may include: Exhibition Organiser; Raffle Organiser; Publicity Officer; Catering Officer and others as required.

7. The affairs of MCC shall be managed by a Committee consisting of the officers and two members. The committee shall hold meetings as required which shall be called by the Chairman (or, in his absence, the Vice Chairman) and at least one other committee member. At least 14 days notice of the time and place of the meeting shall be given. The committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members.

8. All Officers shall be elected, together with the two Members, at the Annual General Meeting. Officers may be elected to more than one position. Officers and Members are eligible for re-election each year.

9. The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held on a Monday in May of each year to undertake the following business:
a. Receive the minutes of the previous AGM
b. Receive the Secretary's report.
c. Receive the Treasurer's report.
d. Receive the Chairman's report.
e. Elect Officers in accordance with article 6.
f. Elect Committee members in accordance with article 7.
g. Appoint auditors in accordance with article 17.b
h. Agree subscription rates for the following year.
i. To debate and vote upon any motions received by the Secretary which must be in writing and presented at least 14 days before the date of the AGM

10. An Extra-Ordinary General Meeting may be convened on a written request signed by at least four club members, stating the object and sent to the Secretary at least 14 days before the proposed date. The agenda for such an EGM shall be announced to MCC members at least seven days before the date of the meeting.

11. At a Committee Meeting, four shall form a quorum. At a General Meeting a quorum shall be formed by one third of the total current membership of MCC.

12. The Chairman of any General Meeting or any Committee Meeting shall have a casting vote in the event of a split vote.

13. Candidates for election as Officers or Committee Members shall be proposed by one member and seconded by at least one other member.

14. The subscription year shall be from 1st October to 30th September with subscriptions being due on or before the 1st October. Only fully paid up members may enter the monthly competitions.

15. New members may attend up to three meetings free of charge before being required to join MCC.

16. In the case of new members, the subscription shall be determined on the following basis:
a. Membership applied for between 1st September and the following 1st January - the sum shall be the full annual subscription.
b. Membership applied for on or after January 1st - the sum shall be 50% of the annual subscription.

17. Responsibilities:
a. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and conduct all correspondence other than that relating to competitions or the programme.
b. The Treasurer shall collect all subscriptions and monies due and make all payments authorised by The Committee. At the close of each year (31st March) a balance sheet shall be drawn up by the Treasurer and audited by a competent person appointed to this purpose by the AGM
c. The Programme Secretary shall organise all aspects of the programme of events and will seek to develop a programme that meets the interests of all its members.
d. The Competition Secretary shall organise all aspects of competitions and shall keep such records as are necessary for annual awards.
e. The External Competition Secretary shall organise all aspects of external club competitions and keep such records as are necessary.

18. A member may be expelled or asked to resign from MCC at the decision of The Committee. The Committee can request a member to appear before it, provided that where any accusation or charge is made, the member shall be given full and reasonable opportunity to put forward a defence and bring witnesses at a later meeting. Any member expelled or asked to resign shall have the right to appeal to the EGM All Committee meeting proceedings and those of any EGM called under this rule shall be treated as privileged and confidential.

19. A bank account shall be kept in the name of MCC into which all monies shall be paid as soon as possible after receipt by the Treasurer. Withdrawals and payments from the account shall be made on the signature of two of the five signatories appointed by the officers of MCC

20. In the event of dissolution of MCC an EGM shall be called at which two liquidators shall be appointed. These shall hold all Club assets in trust for a period of twelve months. Upon expiration of that time, the assets shall be disposed of to one or more registered charities of their choice.

21. This constitution may only be altered or added to at the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting called in accordance with article10.

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