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Competition 2 2010/11 - Judges Comments Empty Competition 2 2010/11 - Judges Comments

Post by Chris Noble on Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:21 am

Fred Snowden, the judge from Competition 2 left some files with his comments on every entry. Below are the contents of those files.

Beginners Prints - Comments

Holly 1 A well taken portrait of a happy child with a cheeky grin and infectious smile. The photographer has, quite correctly focussed on the eyes as these are generally considered to be the main feature of a portrait. A very good attempt at low-key lighting but there is just a little too much light on the left cheek which causes the nose to blend into the neutral grey.

A Penny for Them A similar technique to the previous photograph, this is an excellent attempt at a low key moody portrait. What is he thinking? His thoughts could be worth a lot more than a penny. Focussing not quite there, it seems to centred on the fringe. But, nevertheless, a picture to be proud of.

Niece, Sister, Cousin, Me I’m not quite sure what I am supposed to be looking at here. The main portrait is very good but the background is rather distracting. It is too clear to an abstract, but not clear enough to be of interest. I would suggest defocusing it rather more and increase the impact of the smiling girl.

Lost This looks as if post-shooting treatment has been used to create something out of a poor shot. It is not sharp, and there is little to indicate what the picture is trying to say. The title is of little help here. I would give the photographer full credit for trying something creative.

Jude’s Baby Although I am not too keen on pets, I really like this picture. It might be argued that the dog is far too predominant in this ‘people’ picture but I still feel that the interaction and love being displayed by the person is by far the most outstanding feature of this easy-on-the-eye photograph.

Holly 2 This picture is almost a clone of Holly 1. I compared them side-by-side and played a game of Spot the Difference. I don’t think I would be far wrong in assuming that they are the work of the same photographer. I would suggest that in future competitions he or she should try and enter photographs which show greater differences. Why not include a mid-shot or even a full length picture?

Shhush What a beautiful baby. This picture certainly has the ahhh factor. While I appreciate that this is a novice category competition, I must point out that although the subject of the photograph is terrific, it has been let down quite a bit by poor technique. The image is flat and the centre of focus is in the crook of the baby’s right arm. The photographer certainly has an eye for a good picture and the framing is excellent. I would suggest that he or she might approach one of the more advanced club members who might be able to show how contrast and colour saturation can be easily enhanced.

Advanced Prints - Comments

1 Proud to be Welsh This man’s features reflect the weather-beaten experiences of a lifetime follower of the Welsh national rugby team. Unfortunately, the centre of focus is the dragon rather than the man’s face. Also, the two passers by and the traffic lights are rather distracting.

2 Chloe This must be the youngest person in the competition. Just a few hours old and already Chloe has started out on a modelling career. The photographer has captured a wonderful, unrepeatable moment and Chloe looks perfectly content. The unusual angle adds to the quality of this print. It such a pity that there is a black diagonal cutting through Chloe’s face. I imagine this photograph will become a family treasure in years to come.

3 Father and Son A very nice study of a steam enthusiast, although I am not too sure about the presence of the child. Placed in this position he is creating something of a distraction and the image might have been improved if he had been cloned or cropped out. If the photographer considered the boy to be an essential element of the picture, he should have been given more prominence by, for example, contriving some sort of interaction between him and his father.

4 Not a Self Portrait The eye is the most essential element of this photograph, and it has been superbly represented. I’m not sure about the camera though. The bright logo is quite a distraction, and the lens seems to have slipped into a black hole. Also, I tend to close my left eye when I look through a viewfinder, so this seems a little odd to me.

5 Those Hazy Days A well-spotted rural scene. The lighting gives the impression that the cyclists are coasting from a gloomy area into a brighter future. I think I might have been tempted to crop out the clutter on the right side, and clone out the wires on the left hand wall.

6 To the Lighthouse The lighting, exposure, colour saturation and focussing are superb in this technically excellent shot. The ship is an essential feature of the composition and placed just right. I am sure that if this picture had been entered in an open competition it would have achieved great success. As a ‘people’ study though, I feel it lets itself down. The people are so tiny and scattered as to be almost insignificant.

7 Dilwyn Thomas, Garage Owner An excellent shot of a proud garage owner - even though I feel sure that it would never be used in the advertising brochure of the Bryn Teg caravan park. My first impression was that the petrol pump on the right was a distraction but I later came to the conclusion that it is OK. I would, however be inclined to clone out the modern street lamp, telegraph pole and wires as I feel that this would then give the photograph a timeless quality.

8 Nzuzala I really like this picture a lot. A proud and contented mum clutching her beautiful baby who is held in a peaceful and attractive pose. The graduated reddish-brown background is most appropriate and I would like to have seen this extended to cover the object above the baby’s head, and also the fawn areas. An even more important feature to consider would be to brighten the baby’s right eye to colour match the left.

9 Performers A happy group of visitors to an eisteddfod. The photographer obviously has an excellent technique for getting his or her subjects to say ‘cheese’. I feel the picture would have benefited from a little more’ headroom’. Also the clutter in the upper corners area great pity.

10 Making a Splash A very clever snapshot taken in what appears to be extremely difficult photographic conditions. This shot has been superbly well timed. I would love to have been there if only to see ‘what happened next’ to the photographer. I hope that he was on the blunt end of an extremely long lens. The lack of detail in the shadow area beneath the car is only a slight distraction and I also feel that the mud splashes on the left hand side of the picture are a little too much over sharpened. I might have been inclined to give them the merest touch of radial zoom blur.

11 Otway and Barrett A very well timed shot taken in far from ideal lighting conditions. Unfortunately I find that my eye is repeatedly drawn to the bright object in the lower centre of the picture. If the image was cropped just above the top of this to produce an almost square format, this would remove the object and also the expansive, uninteresting portion of the guitar.

12 The Rabbi An unusually interesting portrait of a religious leader with a selection of the artefacts he requires to perform his work. I was particularly taken with the unusual design of his glasses. It is a great pity that his face is not the centre of focus.

13 Sparkling Smile An very nice portrait of a beautiful young woman. It is sharp where it needs to be and soft where it doesn’t. The spread of catch lights in the eyes is quite a distraction in this otherwise pleasing portrait. If it is to reprinted sometime, I would suggest reducing the catch lights to a single, balanced spot in each eye.

14 Rachel I would imagine the model is delighted with this portrait. It is well positioned, well composed, it has a textured but softly focussed background, and all this complimented by the carefree smile of the sitter. The textured printing paper lends itself well to overall quality of the image.

15 Who Dare Meddle With Me? Not I for one. The subject of this photograph is obviously the lady in the purple top. Her whole expression and body language is screaming “Take that camera away from me”, the photographer did well to hold his or her nerve. The problem for me is that there is far too much else going on in the picture. The house plate, the basket, the sign on the gate, are all distracting. Most of all the lady in pink, because she is facing the camera, dilutes the impact of the dramatic glare.

16 Rachel and Izzy Mae So, there are two people in this picture, and I was wrong about Chloe being the youngest person in the competition. This is an unusual portrayal of an expectant mum, and it conveys her condition most succinctly. I would really like to know what Izzy thinks of it when she is old enough to understand.

17 Wood Turner This is a very good action shot of a man at work. The flying swarf adds an essential element to the drama of the shot - although I can’t help wondering where the current PC brigade would place it on the ‘health and Safety’ scale. The bright fitting in the upper right corner is an unfortunate distraction. The remaining background objects set the scene and, despite being fairly sharp, they do not detract from the image because of the subdued lighting.

18 Misty An excellent portrait of a beautiful girl . The photographer has caught her in a rather pensive mood which is very easy on the eye . I am not too sure about the wisp of hair which just touches the corner of her mouth, perhaps if it had fallen just slightly lower it would look more comfortable. Also, there is something odd in the top left corner which ought to have been removed.

19 Swap Hats
A touch of humour added by the title. A good conversational piece, but slightly more consideration could have been given to the cropping. A touch more headroom might be better, and the lower crop might have been better placed half-way between the knees and the hips of the gondolier.

20 Tibetan Porter This would have been a great shot, but the eyes are slightly out of focus. The pose, the action, the framing are all excellent. The weary, weather-beaten face tells its own story.

21 Jordanian Honour Guard A well captured moment in a military ceremony. This photograph gives the impression of being a short section of a long line of soldiers and the diagonal composition enhances its impact. It might be worth considering cloning out the shoulder on the extreme left side of the picture, together with the floating rifle barrel.

22 British Seaside This is an unusual shot of a leisure beach as most Of the people in it have their backs to the camera. What spoils it for me is the great expanse of unpopulated sand to the right. If the image is cropped just to the left of the white car, the overall picture would be better filled and the two predominant characters in the foreground would be looking into the shot rather than out of it. This usually a more acceptable arrangement.

23 Making Chocolate I really like this type of photograph which has an almost period feel to it. The costumes worn by the characters blend seamlessly with the background. One problem for me is that this picture has the appearance of two separate pictures joined together. This is because the two people are looking in slightly different directions so that there is no apparent interaction between them. This gives the appearance of them being lost in their own separate worlds. If they had both been looking in the same direction, or one had been looking at the other, I think this would solve this issue. I also wonder if it might have been better had it been printed in monotone.

24 Jess This is a cracking shot of a happy youngster. I appreciate that the photographer has followed the generally accepted principle of two-thirds composition but, in this case however, I feel that losing the dark void to the left would enhance the impact of this shot. It would also remove the distracting dark spot which should really have been cloned out before printing.

25 Lorna Using a prop to add interest to a picture is a very important skill in portrait photography. If this is not done with care, the prop can often upstage the person. In this case, the guitar is very placed and sets the scene without stealing it. Unfortunately, the model’s left hand is quite an intrusion here. Its presence dilutes the impact of the face.

26 The Engine Driver A well composed shot recording a scene, which is becoming increasingly less common as time progresses. Technically, the picture loses a lot of impact because of the burnt-out detail in the white areas. Also, the large, bright yellow numbers are a major distraction from the person.

27 Gold and Silver A very unusual picture. It took me a little time before I realised it was one person wearing a double mask which represents the sun and the moon. The main problem of this as a ‘people’ image is that the only part of the person visible is the hands, and these are out of focus.

28 Sheep Shearer A well composed picture of man at work. The head of the sheep is well positioned, and angled just right. The problem with this one is that the photographer has been a little over-ambitious with the size - by stretching the pixels to this extent, a lot of textural detail has been lost, leading to blocks of colour.

29 Chinaman A good shot of a market trader. Perhaps half-a-stop over-exposed which has led to burn-out on the top of the hat. I feel more impact might have been added to the face by treating the background to a touch of Gaussian blur, and toning down the background colours a little.

30 Hannah A very good attempt at an art figure study. The classic pose, and low-key lighting are well considered. The choice of monochrome was also effective. The highlight in the neck area is perhaps just a little too bright as this has led to burn-out of the skin texture. The area which spoils the image for me is the disembodied fingers in the lower left corner.

31 All Day Breakfast A nice conversational piece but, sadly, the three people in the picture are very much diminished by the crockery on the table. A point given even more emphasis by the author’s choice of title.

32 Paella Man The central positioning of the subject works well in this case and the very large paella pan does not detract from the main subject of the picture. The main problem here is the unfortunate clutter in the background, more especially the orange and yellow flag which, being of similar colour to the man’s complexion, almost steals his right arm.

33 A Street Vendor A well spotted and captured instant in time, capturing the hopeful vendor in a moment of relaxation. It is pictures such as this which help to recall detailed memories of a journey long after they have passed. The colourful dolls on display show the wide range in his merchandise but, as this is classed as a people image, there is just far too many of them. They completely upstage the seller. I would consider a crop between the two bright red ‘priest’ dolls in the centre of the display as this would still retain the essence of the photograph while giving greater emphasis to the man.

34 Band Outing Not an easy shot to capture. If this has been taken ‘live’, it has been extremely well done. If it has been set up, this has also been well done. There appears to have been a small amount of cloning going on ion the background and it seems a pity not to have continued the treatment to remove the dark patch around the forehead of the person on the left.

35 Summer Day Outing An interesting group shot. The centre of interest appears to be the man in the white shirt. Unfortunately, the two ladies at centre are displaying no interest in him and this is exaggerated by the obvious interest of the two on the right. This picture would work better for me if the two people on the right could be cropped out.

36 Peaceful Another treasure for the family history box. A beautiful baby, beautifully captured. Not everyone would crop a baby’s portrait so closely but, in this case, it works very well.

37 Seen Better Days I’m not sure what this picture is trying to say. It is a nice study of an elderly gentleman out for a stroll, but why choose this background? There is far too much clutter for my taste. I would have preferred a background which is more in keeping with the man’s appearance.

38 Figures in a Landscape The landscape is very good but for an entry in this genre, the people are far too diminutive. They could nearly all be hidden under a large postage stamp. The target might be improved by cropping away all to the left of the centre vertical but I feel the real ‘people’ picture is a much closer zoom in on the group.

39 The Cyclist The unusually low camera angle here is the essence of this dramatic shot. Seen from this perspective, with the enhancing distortion of a wide angel lens lifts this picture form the mundane to the artistic. Subsequent treatment has also added to the great creativity of this photograph.

40 Cheeky Chappie An excellent partial portrait which really captures the essence of the title. The expression of the young boy, and the skilful mounting technique gives the impression that he is looking around a corner. The mischievous grin is the epitome of the disarming smile. Clear, black backgrounds are more usually associated with glamour shots, and I am not too sure about it use here. Perhaps a softer background might have been better.

41 Rachel This club certainly knows some attractive people. This is a beautiful portrait of a beautiful young woman. The amount of care taken in the setting up of this photograph is evident throughout. The carefully considered mounting does the work justice. Well done.

Beginners DPI - Comments

Piper A very good action shot of a piper. The exposure and composition is spot on. The fingers on the chanter are particularly interesting. Unfortunately, the piper’s face is slightly out of focus, otherwise this entry would have achieved a high score.

I might be wrong but this looks like a great shot of a dad and his two sons whooping it up on the Maid of the Mist. The expression of the boy on the shoulders encapsulates the excitement of the day. The only problem is that they are all looking in different directions.

Never Gone
I believe that the author of this image has a high degree of talent as a portrait photographer but I really don’t think it is fair on anyone to enter almost identical pictures in each of the print and slide sections of the same competition. There is little constructive criticism that I can add to that which I gave during the print presentation.

Boy Surfer This is a neat little shot of a child at play. The colour saturation is good, although I would suggest it might have been a good idea to crop away the burned out white crest at the top of the picture. Also the image could have been a little sharper.

Remember the Time? A well noticed and captured moment in time. Not everyone would have taken this image - the temptation to ask people to look at the camera and say “Cheese” often ruins a good shot. The two characters seem to be lost in a discussion about the vintage bus and the title of the image just about sums up the scene. Even the dog has obliged by looking in the right direction - if it had been interested in the camera the shot would have lost a lot of its impact. It might have been better if the bungalows had been cottages, but they are too insignificant to be a distraction.

What Can You See?
I said in the previous image that not a lot of people would have taken this type of shot - most snappers prefer to see smiling faces - but this is the third picture in a row to feature people’s backs. Once again, it has worked very well. The picture perfectly enraptures the natural curiosity of children - in this case it would appear that they are in some sort of foreign zoo. Thee is just enough ‘framing to set the scene and the wide variety of textures enhances the whole image. Well done.

Mustn’t Let Go Too late, he has. What perfect timing. It is impossible for me to tell if this was a one-off, or the best of a repeated performance but, in either case, it is an extremely well captured moment in time which, incidentally is my definition of good photograph. There is a little detail lost in the shadows but, for a contra jour shot, the exposure is as good as one could reasonably expect. Well done.

Dali Most judges in my experience do not look upon pictures of sculptures as being mainly the work of the photographer but, in this case, the careful selection of camera angle has given a very unusual view, and this deserves every credit. The exposure is very good and the centre of focus is just where it needs to be. My only concern with this image is that I don’t really see it as a ‘people’ image.

The Old Man Has Still Got It He certainly has. This is another excellent sporting shot which looks almost too good to be true. It looks to me as if it has either been set up in a studio, a creative montage, or it is a genuine sports hall shot which has had some very careful computer manipulation carried out on it. In any case, for a beginner this picture is excellent, and I can’t see the photographer staying in this category for much longer.

Taking the Sea Air A very good, low angle shot which captures a typical seaside scene with holiday makers taking a stroll on the prom. It is good to see a beginner making use of the added impact of considered cropping. The problem with this is the overall dullness of the image. A few minutes on the computer would easily put this right.

Jude or Roxy’s Ball I’m sure that this picture must be telling some sort of a story, but I can’t make out what it is. I guess from the title that the two subjects in the picture are in dispute over the ownership of a ball, but I can’t seem to see it anywhere. It looks to me as it the dog has just bitten off the person’s left hand. Good use of differential focussing has been made which sets the scene in a non distracting way.

Where is He? This is an endearing little shot which captures the wonderment of childhood. The expression on the little girls face tell the whole story. Unfortunately the image has been let down by poor quality reproduction and rather too tight cropping. I feel though that the photographer has a good eye for a picture and with a bit more experience could become very good.

Advanced DPI - Comments

Egg Seller A study in concentration but, unfortunately, it is impossible to see what she is concentrating on. The problem for me is that I can’t help feeling that the shutter was pressed at the wrong moment. For example, what is her right hand doing? If, she was selecting an egg to add to a box, it might have been better to wait until this became clear. Would it have been better had she been looking up and smiling at the customer?

A Gift A nice picture of a precious moment, but it might be better suited to a ’close-up’ competition. It looks as if the giver and fitting the bracelet to the recipient’s wrist - if this is the case it might have been better to move in a bit closer and omit the recipient’s other hand from the shot.

Master Chef This is good shot of a good looking young man in a natural pose. I think the title is a bit confusing - why is a master chef wearing a butcher’s overall? Also, I think that there is just a little too much paraphernalia on the table and this distracts from the subject. I would consider a closer crop - say try cropping out the left hand side halfway between the bright edge of the wall and the left hand side of the green cupboard. On the right side, I would remove all to the right of the pot which looks like a beetroot jar.

Wild Child Another confusing title - she looks quite serene to me. It is good to see photographers extending their expertise into the creative side of the hobby. The treatment of this image has given it a period feel and the young girl is a perfect subject for this. Well done.

A Face in the Crowd Two’s company, three’s a crowd, so this image just about meets the definition of the title. Differential focussing has been used to separate the red-head from the others but, unfortunately, her face is also slightly out of focus.

Mussel Seller at a French Market It is always interesting to see and record people conducting unusual activities in foreign lands. This a nicely arranged picture with the huge paella pan dominating the foreground. Despite the area covered by the mussels, the man is still the obvious subject of the image. The cluttered background is, however, rather distracting and would probably be better given a touch of Gaussian blur.

They Who Walk By Judging by the title, I think the image which the photographer is trying to convey is that of the plight of a poorer member of society being ignored by more opulent people. I don’t think this quite works for me. The man seems to be sitting in the wrong position. The majority of the passers by can’t even see him. It would have been a much more striking image if the man had been sitting underneath the Peacock sign

Four Up This image reminds me of a recent trip to China where ‘rules of the road’ are not quite as strict as they are here. The wide variety of cargo and passengers carried on motor bikes and scooters is incredible. Here we see a family, including a very, very young baby, sharing a bike. As with the picture of the mussel seller, this is a wonderful shot for the holiday memories album.

Cyclists This is a group shot which would be great for a family album or organisation news letter. However, it has not quite got enough drama for a photographic competition. Perhaps if they had all sitting on their bikes in a close formation three quarter shot, the picture would have far more impact.

Men and Their Machines Boys and their toys. This shot is similar to the previous one where it lacks impact. What about if the whole thing had been moved further back so that buffer end of the track was out of shot and the train was in motion, perhaps making steam. The onlooker could have been on the far side of the track watching the action.

Abbey Road A very clever idea. Good wedding photographers are always looking for novel and interesting angles for the big day, and here a nearby zebra crossing has been used to capture a classic Beatles iconic image. The three quarter shooting position has enabled the greenery to be used as an uncluttered background. It would have been very easy to clone out the building behind the trees and not too difficult to remove the yellow lines.

Cheeky Another cheeky chappie. This one is really cheeky. The high key treatment has worked quite well but I wonder if the colour saturation might look better if it were boosted.

Slow Down Mum This is a really nice shot of mum and daughter hurrying down a woodland path. The mist and sunrays give it an almost dreamlike quality. The fence is not the prettiest part of the picture but it does serve to negate the feeling of isolation. I think I would have been inclined to clone out the notice board which appears to be floating in the air.

Little Jazz Player This shot has a lot going for it. A very smart young man playing an instrument which is almost a s big as he is. The composition is very good , although the edge of the music stand might have been better clones out. The picture loses a little in that it is rather soft.

Trombonist In recent times I have seen competitions with themes such as ’Open’, ’Close-up’, ’Reflections’, ’People and Portraits’, ‘Man at Work’, etc. I believe this picture would have done extremely well in any of them. A very well seen and captured moment during what looks like at some sort of garden fete. Exposure, focussing, point of view, and shooting angle are all spot on. The slight sun flare on the top of the trombone serves as a highlight of the idyllic weather. Well done.

Lunch Break An interesting study of two young ladies who appear to be quite unaware of the photographer. The fact that their attitudes are almost identical enhances the overall composition. The photographer has focussed on the person nearest to the camera and this is exactly as it should be. The framing is good and there are no glaring distractions. The considered of mono for this image is also an excellent choice. I wonder if framing the picture slighter lower might have been an improvement as there seems to be rather more headroom than base.

One of the Little People Are you sure it’s not a normal sized person who has just climbed up a beanstalk? This is a very well posed shot using the unusual background to its best. Unless, of course, it’s a montage, in which case it is a very well created image. Unfortunately, the person in the photograph is slightly out of focus, but it is still a very good picture which must raise many a smile.

Romanian Rhapsody Looking at the contents of his money box, it would appear that not everybody passed him by. I prefer this picture to the previous one of this busker but I feel that it would be significantly enhanced by cropping both sides. If it were cropped just to left of the cola bottle and just to the left of the edge of the wall on the right hand side would give far more impact to the image of the man, which is what this competition is all about.

The Explorer Life seems to be one great adventure for this beautiful little girl. When I first opened the image My immediate thought was that a tighter crop might be better but, after a few minutes, I accept that the photographer has arranged the composition just right. The forest of feet and chair legs add to the feeling of exploration. The glint of mischief in the little girl’s eyes add to the excitement of the moment.

Neither Man Nor Boy A really nice portrait of a young man. I don’t if the picture has been heavily sharpened, or if some other image adjustment procedure has been carried out it but, in either case, it has an almost fine art texture to it. Not everyone would have the courage to include the spots in the picture and the photographer deserves very credit for this unusual approach.

Liz and Mike Two happy people on a very happy day. I take it that Liz has just signed her marriage certificate with her maiden name. What a wonderful moment to capture, and how well the photographer has achieved this. A good case for a ‘You’ve Been Framed’ competition for stills photographers. What a pity the colour of the curtains is almost identical to Mike’s complexion.

Sparky A great ‘Man At Work’ shot. The bright spark from the welding rod has been used to light the front of the mask and the welder’s chest - this is a very good example of available light photography. There is burn out on the side of the ladder, but this seems to add to the drama of the image. It is not usually a good idea to crop a person’s body at a joint and I feel that the bottom edge of the picture should be about half-way between knees and hips. I might also have cloned out the steel rule in the welder’s pocket.

Rachel Another striking image of a beautiful model but, sadly, this time the picture suffers from lack of focus in the eyes. I’ve noticed that the photographer has chosen to submit this image at a far lower resolution than many of the others, and I wonder why this is.

And I’ll Tell You Another Thing Another good conversational piece, this time with shades of Les Dawson. The title of the entry and the deeply engrossed attitude of the two ladies does much to concentrate my interest on them but, unfortunately, the man on the left of the image keeps drawing me away. I would suggest a crop say between the uprights of the two seats would be to good effect.

Nepal School Children This is really a picture of the three boys and, to me, the one on the left steals to limelight. The other two look slightly bored and this lets to overall image down a little. The old lady and the young girl are also quite distracting.

Drummers at Edinburgh Castle A well captures shot of a military tattoo. I particularly appreciate the considered ‘landscape’ crop and the simple black and white border. It is a pity hat the drummer on the left is at the extreme end of the lighting span, but this is still a well executed shot.

Dusting it Up I enjoy motor cross and this is a very well timed shot which was probably taken early on in the race, before the field had had time to spread. I assume the photographer had preset his focus point and has fired the shutter at precisely the right moment. The determination of the riders is very evident in this image.

Where Will it End? The Americans are great at war memorials and this picture, which I think was taken in Washington DC, is typical of the way in which the war dead is respected in the United States. It is a well chosen angel and is technically excellent but I’m not too sure about its place in a people competition. Perhaps if the photographer could have sneaked a little child over the chain to briefly hold the hand of the nearest statue, this would have added some human interest to the scene.

Bellowhead This is a very good shot taken in very difficult photographic conditions. The interaction between the players is obvious, and there is just enough evidence of the audience to set the scene. IT might have been of benefit to clone out the spotlight in the upper left corner.

Irish Eyes Here she is again. Another well arranged shot but let down this time by a dullness in the eyes. Even something very simple such as a few swipes with a dodge tool on a low setting would raise the impact of the eyes. the eyes. The detail is there - I’ve checked.

A Long Shot Another great idea, very well carried out. To use golfers in silhouette in this way is very effective. The whole scene has been well set up and the positioning of the players and their equipment is excellent. The space to the left of the image is essential in this type of action shot, as the golfer is shooting out of the picture.

Italian Molls Another humorous shot, but I’m afraid the dog steals the limelight here. The ladies are obviously interested in something, but it is impossible to see what this is. This means that there is no real focus of interest, and also there are far too many distractions in the background.

The Mimers Two human statues having a break. The expression of the police sergeant is really endearing but, unfortunately, the one looking out of shot is quite a distraction because there is no interaction between the two men. The viewer’s eyes continually scan form one to the other.

Clansman There must be some sort of story here. Is the clansman part of a parade? Or is he out for a stroll? He certainly looks the part and has a very determined gait. The video-man is doing his best to keep up and this adds to the impact of the clansman’s attitude. Sadly, the clansman is a little softly focussed and the impressive feathers in his hat are lost against the background.

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