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27th May - update

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27th May - update Empty 27th May - update

Post by Ann-Marie Metcalfe on Fri May 28, 2010 3:15 am

Just to keep you informed,and so you can take a look and check and give feedback on the progress we're making.

The portal/home page is now in place. This will be the basic structure for the home page from now on, being updated and ammended as and when necessary with various features etc.

The right hand side will show events that are coming up in the near future. Chris is going to make sure that this is updated as events pass so that we won't have outdated events. Each event is linked to give further information about each event such as location, time etc.

Steve has started working on a Help and How To file with instructions (and pictures for those of us that need them) to make using the site easier.

The Navigation Bar at the top of the forum has been altered to make getting around the site a little bit easier. The Home button will now take you to the front door to the site, the portal/home page. A Forum button has been added, so that it's obvious that you will be taken to the forum. Previously we had Portal and Home in which Portal took you to the Home page and Home took you to the forum. Confusing! Hopefully this will make things more obvious and easier to get around the site. Not many people are familiar with the term Portal (it's not one I'm used to)

Measures are being taken (including testing) to find out the best way for members to show their photographs in a forum post. Can you please take a look at Chris's poll (CLICK HERE) and make your choices.

All feedback appreciated.


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