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How to use the Chatbox Empty How to use the Chatbox

Post by Ann-Marie Metcalfe on Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:17 am

We have now added a live time chatbox to the forum.

What is a live time chatbox? The chatbox is an area where you can chat to other members by typing messages to them in real time. As soon as you hit send, your message appears on screen to whoever else is in the chatroom at the same time will be able to reply right away. The chatbox refreshed automatically eliminating any refreshing to see if someone else has posted a message, like we have to in the forum. The chatbox will be moderated and anyone seen to be abusing the facility will be blocked from using the chatbox in the future. We ask you to keep to the forum guidelines regarding etiquette (netiquette) and although we encourage you to have fun in the chatbox, abusive comments will be removed and the member concerned will be cautioned or if necessary, banned from using the chatbox.

So, how do I use the chatbox?

The chatbox is located at the bottom of the main forum page, so scroll all the way down to access it.

This is what you will see:

How to use the Chatbox Chatbox

You will need to click 'log in' to gain access to the chatbox, but because you are already logged in to the site you will not need to re-enter your username and password.

Once you are logged in you will see the following:

How to use the Chatbox Chatbox1

The 'auto refresh' box is checked by default. If it isn't checked, please click on it. This means that as soon as another message is posted, or someone else logs into the chatroom, you will see their message as soon as they hit enter to submit their message. This is what 'live time' means. You can reply straight away by typing your text into the 'message' box shown on the diagram above. You can either click the 'send' button or press enter on your keyboard. Both methods will submit your message. It's up to you which you use, whatever is easiest for you. Please note that some members may be viewing another website (or in my case, making coffee at the same time as chatting) so there may be a delay in replies sent in the chatbox. Other people may type faster than you and send several messages while you are still typing yours. Don't worry, you can scroll back to see if you have missed any messages. It does sometimes appear to go at quite a fast pace depending on how many people are chatting, but it is easy to get the hang of.

If you want to send a message to a specific person you can click their name once in the 'online list' and it will put their name into the message box and you can then type your message to them in the 'message' area. Other members will be able to see your message too but it highlights who you want to talk to specifically.

Towards the bottom of the chatbox you will see some small icons. This is where you can embolden your text, italicise it and change your font colour if you want yours to stand out in the text area. Just click the icon and choose the one you want. There is also a smiley face. This is where all the icons are stored if you want to use smileys. Again, click the icon and choose whichever smiley you want.

How to use the Chatbox Chatbox3

Once you want to leave the chatbox, you need to click 'log out'. If you are inactive for 5 minutes you will be shown as inactive and will then be logged out automatically.

One point to note, is that if you click 'join the chat' by clicking the link on the top left hand side of the chatbox, the whole thing will open in a new window which means you can still browse the forum whilst staying active in the chatbox at the same time.

The chatbox is open all the time so if you wanted to pre-arrange to chat to anyone, please feel free to make arrangements to agree a time to suit you both (or others).

On forum challenge nights the chatbox will be used as a method of communication between participants thus keeping the forum challenge thread specifically for images being entered into the challenge, and the chatbox will be used to discuss the challenge and hopefully a bit of banter and fun.
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