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Club Handbook 2010/11 Empty Club Handbook 2010/11

Post by Chris Noble on Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:14 am

The following shows the contents of the 2010/11 Club Handbook - The handbook will be available in print from Monday 20th September 2010

Mold Camera Club
(Member of North Wales Photographic Association)

Handbook 2010/11

Chairman: David Allen (01352-740971 -
Vice-Chairman: Jonathan Frings (01244-819915 -
Hon. Secretary: Chris Noble (01352-715007 –
Hon. Treasurer: Jonathan Frings (As Above)
Membership Secretary: Mike Catania (01824-780835 -
Events Secretary: Bob Morgan (07971-040411-
Internal Competition Secretary: Chris Noble (As Above)
External Competition Secretary: Andy Polakowski (01352-752038 –
Exhibition Secretary: Rishi Sharma (01352-755793 -
Publicity Officer: Eric Keen (01352-759740 -
Raffle Secretary: Janet M. Davies (01352-770812 -
Catering Secretary: Steve Jones (01244-814559 -
NWPA Representative: Andy Polakowski (As Above)
Ordinary Members: Ian Parker (07545-056779-
Ann-Marie Metcalfe (01244-818537 -

Other Roles (Non-Committee)
Web Master: Phil Parsons (01352-741089 -
Newsletter Editor: Chris Noble (As Above)
Critique Circle Administrator: Mike Catania (As Above)
Forum Administrator: Ann-Marie Metcalfe (As Above)
Equipment Administrator: Bob Morgan (As Above)

1 – Open Date: 11th October 2010 Submission Date: 27th September 2010
2 – People Date: 8th November 2010 Submission Date: 25th October 2010
All entries must contain some form of people influence. Entries can be portraiture, documentary, reportage, people at work, shadows, silhouettes and do not necessarily have to show the full person as long as it obviously is a picture showing a person(s) in some way.
3 – Open Date: 13th December 2010 Submission Date: 22nd November 2010
4 – Photomerge Date: 10th January 2011 Submission Date: 20th December 2010
Each Entry must be made of at least two images (own work only) which have been merged together to form one image. Members will be asked to supply the original images to support their entries. In the case of prints the supporting images should be supplied as digital JPG’s.
5 – Open Date: 14th February 2011 Submission Date: 31st January 2011
6 – Famous Landmarks Date: 14th March 2011 Submission Date: 28th February 2011
3 landmarks/locations have been chosen as follows:
Cilcain Church, Llandudno Pier & Mold High Street
All entries must be one of the named landmarks/locations. Only one entry for each landmark/location per section (DPI/Prints). Therefore to enter 3 images you must include all 3 landmarks/locations. Entries do not have to show the full landmark/location but it must be obvious that the correct landmark/location has been photographed.
7 – Image of the Year Date: 11th April 2011 Submission Date: 28th March 2011
AV (Audio Visual) Competition Date: 28th February 2011 Submission Date: 7th February 2011
Open with a maximum length of 5 minutes and must contain at least one soundtrack which can be music or a voiceover or a mixture of both.

-The club holds 6 internal competitions during the season plus print & projected image of the year at the end of the season. You can submit three prints, each to be, in a mount not greater than 40cm by 50cm and three images for projection for each competition.
-Place your competition number, competition date and picture title on the rear of the mounted print.
-Please make certain that your name or other means of identifying you is not present on the picture. Pictures can only be submitted once for these competitions.
-For the Prints and Projected Image competitions the best two scoring images from the best 5 competitions count towards the awards.
-Points for Photographer of the year shall be obtained from all entries in the two categories prints and projected.
-Judges shall award 20 points for the winning image in each category and shall base the points for all other entries on how close they are to the winning image.
-No points are awarded for the Print and Projected Image of the Year competitions, instead the judge is encouraged to choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd and award Highly Commended and Commended to other pictures as he sees fit.
-Digital images for projection can either be submitted in the format below to the competition secretary on hand in evening or emailed to the competition secretary by 22.00 on the hand in evening at the latest. It is important that you receive a receipt note if emailing and please keep e-mail sizes down to a maximum of 2Mb. You can arrange to submit entries early if you are unavailable on the hand in date
-Our projector has a resolution of 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high. To see your pictures at their best they should be resized to fit these dimensions. So if your picture is landscape in format it should not be more than 1400 pixels wide and 1050 high. If it is in portrait format it should not be more than 1050 pixels high. Recommended ratio is 72ppi (pixels per inch)
-Images should not have your name in the file name or on the picture. Please see that the file is named in the following sequence for our internal competitions.
Your Competition number_competition date_your picture title. Thus the name could look like :- A456_27_October_landscape.jpg
- Please remove all personal references from the metadata before submission.
- Images can be submitted as .jpg or .tif If you use jpgs do use quality 12. If you are using tiffs then flatten all layers, remove any alpha channels, and use 8-bit colour and no compression. If you are emailing entries do use jpg to avoid bandwidth problems.
-The images must be RGB NOT CMYK Convert your images to sRGB colour space.


13th Butchers Arms Last Night Party. See Club Website for location.
20th Chairman’s Evening and new members
27th Opening Lecture No 1.. Gareth Jenkins. The Poles

4th Lecture 2 - A lecture on taking what the judge looks for by Bob Dennis
11th Competition Night No 1 – Open Subject
18th Members Night - A lecture on taking portraits with hands on experience. By Chris Noble
25th Lecture 3. - Stuart Lawrie - Layer Technology & Merging

1st Portrait Evening. Practice session Models will be provided.
8th Competition Night No 2 - People
15th Practical Night Bring lamp tops for a night merging images.
22nd Lecture 4 - Mike Blackburn
29th Members Night - Copy and Macro Photography. A talk with hands on experience. Bob Morgan.

6th Christmas Dinner (Venue to be confirmed)
13th Competition Night No 3 – Open Subject
20th Christmas Lecture - Linos Lanini “Never too Late”
27th No Meeting

3rd No Meeting
10th Competition Night No 4 - Photo Merge
17th Lecture 6 - Travels with my camera - Henry Florczyk
24th Members Night – Photographic Workflows – David Allen & Chris Noble
31st Members Night – To Be Confirmed

7th Mix and Match Battle with Hawarden Camera Club at Mold Club
14th Competition Night No 5 – Open Subject
21st Lecture 7- Andy Campbell. - On One Software.
28th AV Competition with Marion Waine & John Rowell

1st Mix and Match Battle with Hawarden Camera Club at Hawarden Club
7th Mold Inter Club DPI Battle
14th Competition Night No. 6 - Landmarks
21st Lecture 8 - Ray Fitchett Sigma Lens.
28th Practical Night – To be Confirmed

4th Members Evening AV work and Critique Groups Exhibition night.
11th Competition Night - DPI and Print of the Year
18th End of Season Lecture – To Be Confirmed
25th No meeting

2nd No Meeting
9th To be Confirmed
16th AGM
23rd Presentation Night – Butchers Arms
30th No Meeting


Photographer of the Year: Chris Davies
Beginners Prints: Ann-Marie Metcalfe
Beginners DPI: Jacky Shennan
Advanced Prints: Chris Davies
Advanced DPI: Mike Catania
Print of the Year: Bill Furse
DPI of the Year: Ann-Marie Metcalfe

Mold Interclub Battle: Hoylake
Mold Interclub Battle Best Image: Ann-Marie Metcalfe

Newsletter Christmas Competition: Chris Davies
Newsletter Spring Competition (Floral): Chris Davies

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