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Pentax Remote Assistant 3 - PK Tether Empty Pentax Remote Assistant 3 - PK Tether

Post by Eric M Palmer on Sun Mar 16, 2014 8:11 pm

I have used SM Tether with Nikon and Pentax Remote Assistant 3 before in both cases had to open as administrator and with Pentax Remote Assistant 3 I found RAW files would stall the program but worked OK with smaller JPeg files. As well as working through computer it also allowed me to program the USER mode so I could set ISO 100 - 1600 for example full range of camera normal only 100 - 400 auto set.

At first look at PK Tether 0.7.0 one wonders why bother as Pentax Remote Assistant 3 does same job with more options however my tests show PK Tether is more stable it does not crash with RAW files and does not need opening as administrator. Using the space bar to work shutter is handy and it seems to leave pictures on camera until you click save, save, save all, delete or delete all.

As standard the camera bracketing is limited to 2 f stops but with this software it allows 3 f stops with 3, 5, or 7 exposures. Periodic shooting and bulb mode also available. Made error set to 300 seconds to test bulb clearly too long 5 minutes reset to 30 seconds and yes worked OK. However quite a time between shutter closing and picture arriving on PC.

All in all it seems a good program. The draw back with all of the PC to camera control is camera battery life. In PC mode it does no go into stand-by so to do a time laps and convert to movie would require a number of battery changes hard to do on tripod.
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