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DPI for Competition - Changes to naming convention

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DPI for Competition - Changes to naming convention Empty DPI for Competition - Changes to naming convention

Post by Chris Noble on Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:36 pm

Despite all our efforts there are still a very large number of members who cannot name their images correctly for competition. There are a variety of errors so I have decided to change the system from the next competition.

From now on your entries need to be named as follows and in the order shown.

1. The letter indicating which section you belong to. That is A for Advanced, B for Beginners and I for Intermediate.
2. 1 of your 3 digit competition numbers given to you when you joined.
3. The word ‘COMP’ in capital lettes please
4. The number of the competition that you are entering, that 1, 2,3,4,5,6, DOY (DPI of The Year) or POY (Print of the Year)
5. The title of your image with no spaces.

No spaces, underscore ot hyphens should appear in the entry at all. Therefore you entries should look something like

- A411COMP6Daffodil
- B567COMP6TheManInTheRedDress
- I629COMPDOYOnwardsAndUpwards

There is a reason for the specific order in that it makes life easier for the Competition Secretary when sorting them ready for the judge.

If you are e-mailing entries to me please ensure you send them to as it means they are directed to the correct inbox. Using other e-mail accounts could mean the entry does not get noticed in time as they go into my personal or business inboxes, which has happened. When I receive entries by e-mail I will reply to say it has been received. If you do not get a reply you have to assume I have not received your entry.

Whem submitting entries on CD or Memory Stick please ensure you put your name on it as it makes it easier for the Competition Secretary to sort out. These do not go to the judge so annoninity is not important at this stage. Your name must on appear anywhere on the actual images or prints you submit.

Please get it right. I am wasting far too time putting things right for people.

Chris Noble
Chris Noble
Chris Noble

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