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Minutes of Focus Group Meeting (25th May 2010)

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Minutes of Focus Group Meeting (25th May 2010) Empty Minutes of Focus Group Meeting (25th May 2010)

Post by Chris Noble on Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:52 pm

Club Forum Focus Group Meeting
Tuesday 25th May 2010 – 7:30pm
Butchers Arms

1. Attendance & Apologies

2. Purpose of the Test (Chris)

3. Outline the Forum (Ann-Marie)

4. Forum Rules

5. Ideas for Content

6. Ideas for Structure

7. Administrators and Moderators

8. Creation of a User Guide

9. AOB

Meeting chaired by David Allen – Minutes taken by Chris Noble


Attendees: David Allen (DA), Chris Noble (CN), Ann-Marie Metcalfe (AMM), Jonathan Frings (JF), Steve Jones (SJ), Gary Jones (GJ), Marcia Rogers (MR), Jude Lloyd-Johnson (JLJ), Chris Davies (CD).

Apologies: Phil Parsons (PP).

CN opening the meeting by outlining the purpose of the Focus Group as follows:

- To investigate the use of an online forum for Mold Camera Club with a purpose of enhancing the already existing systems in terms of communication and development of members.

- To develop said forum so that it can become a useful tool for the club.

- The deadline for completion of the project is Thursday 9th September so that a proposal can be club committee at the meeting that evening with the purpose of making the forum available to all members in time for the start of the new season on Monday 20th September.

AMM then outlined the system as it has already been setup and made particular reference to the fact that we have blocked guest users and advertisement. She also point out that PP had agreed to pout a link from the club website to the forum. It was generally agreed that this should not happen until the forum goes live in September.

The Rules of the Forum were then discussed and it was general accepted that the generic rules be applied with the added inclusion of:

- “No derogatory comments to be made against the Club, it’s members, judges or guests” – suggested by SJ

- A tick box to be added to registration so that each member effectively agrees to a contract to abide by the rules. AMM to investigate.

- The inclusion of a disciplinary procedure which was agreed as follows:

o First breach of rules – Warning from Administrator

o Second breach – Final Warning from Administrator

o Third breach – Account blocked and the procedure for unblocking the account is by appeal to the club committee

- AMM to setup a list of unacceptable words/phrases

There then followed a discussion about Administrators and Moderators. AMM pointed out that Administrators had full editing access over the entire forum whereas Moderators could edit/delete posts and have no other access control.

It was then agreed that we should have 3 Administrator who would also act as moderators. This will be reviewed as we go live. The elected administrators were agreed as AMM & GJ for development etc. and CN for control of Information.
DA then asked about the boundaries between the forum and already existing systems and procedures. CD asked if e-mail notifications would still continue.

CN pointed out that the forum should not been seen as a replacement for any current systems and that all existing communication should continue as is. It would then be up to each member to choose which is the best method for them to obtain information etc.

CN felt that the website would be particularly important to continue as it was part of the outward face of the club whereas the forum would be a members only facility. The newsletter too would continue to be published in the normal ways as well as on the forum.

DA asked about the Critique Circles and CN pointed out that he hoped it would be possible to bring these into the forum. AMM confirmed that groups could be setup to allow only circle members to participate in whichever circle they were involve in. CN to setup a Fotopic link so we can link to images for the circles to comment on. AMM/JF to investigate a method for keeping comments private for a period until all critique was in.

DA suggested that Mike Catania should therefore be involved in the Forum Focus Group. CN said he had talked to Mike and that he was happy that JF, CD & JLJ (as members of the Critique Circle) could represent the group in the Forum Focus Group.

The issue of storage space for photos, PDF’s etc. was discussed and it was agreed we should investigate the costs of obtaining additional space. AMM & CN to follow up.

The meeting moved on to the Content & Structure of the forum and CN produced a proposed structure which was discussed in detail. After some amendments it was accepted. CN to amend the structure document and pass

to AMM for implementation. As part of this it was agreed to a Portal menu system which AMM will also setup. See “Forum Structure” attachment for detail.

SJ brought up the subject of mentoring new members. It was agreed to include a section for this under Training but it was also agreed that this is a not just for the Forum but for the club structure as a whole. DA agreed to follow this up.

GJ suggested a membership contact list so that members can find out how to get in touch with each other outside the Forum. CN pointed out that this would have to be voluntary information. AMM to change the profile form to include address, phone numbers etc. but to give members the option to leave these fields blank. CN suggested that we also encourage the use of personal photos as our avatars so that members could see what each of us looked like.

The subject of a User Guide was discussed which should be developed alongside the Forum and be ready for publication when the Forum goes live. SJ agreed to take on this task. CN suggested that we publish a special issue of Mold In Focus at the time of go live which could include the User Guide. AMM suggested that a demonstration be given to the club early in the season. It was agreed that this should happen at the Chairman’s Evening on 20th September.

As there was no other business the meeting closed at 8:50pm

No additional meetings are planned at this stage as all communication should take place using the Forum. A meeting may be called to prepare the final report etc.


- Setup link from club website (after go live) PP

- Modify rules as per minutes AMM

- Setup agreed admin accounts and groups AMM

- Setup Fotopic Link for Critique Circles CN

- Critique Circle Tests AMM/JF

- Investigate storage space AMM/CN

- Amend Structure document CN

- Implement Structure/Portal AMM

- Follow up Mentoring System DA

- Change profile form AMM

- Create User Guide SJ

- Prepare final report for committee (9th Sept) CN

- Special issue of Mold in Focus (for go live) CN

- Organise Club Demonstration (20th Sep) AMM/DA

Chris Noble
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