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Competition 1 2009/10 – Results

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Competition 1 2009/10 – Results Empty Competition 1 2009/10 – Results

Post by Chris Noble on Sun May 30, 2010 10:15 pm

Monday 12th October saw a very successful first competition of the year with 46 entries in the Print competition and 61 for Digital Projection. Special thanks to Chris Kay for judging, over 100 images is a lot to get through.

Competition 1 2009/10 – Results Talacr10 Competition 1 2009/10 – Results Ugly_h10

The results were as follows:

Beginners Prints:
1st The Lighthouse (Above Left) Jude Lloyd-Johnson 20
2nd Gloomy Mill Ann-Marie Metcalfe 19
3rd Towards Gordale Scar Doreen Boswell 18

Advanced Prints:
1st Winter At The Ugly House (Above Right) Phil Parsons 20
2nd The Winner – Cilcain Mountain Race Andy Polakowski 19
3rd Moonlit Tide Stuart Worrall 18
3rd Emperor Dragonfly Bill Furse 18

Beginners Digital:
1st Bald Eagle (Below Left) Ann-Marie Metcalfe 20
2nd Long Tailed Tit Jacky Shennan 19
2nd Old Porsche Ian Parker 19

Advanced Digital
1st Tours Chester (below Right) Kevin Hirst 20
2nd Happy In Retirement Chris Davies 19
3rd Double Dutch Kevin Hirst 18
3rd Kathryn In Flight Jonathan Frings 18

Competition 1 2009/10 – Results 003_1s10 Competition 1 2009/10 – Results A425_110

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