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Internal Competition Results 2009/10

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Internal Competition Results 2009/10 Empty Internal Competition Results 2009/10

Post by Chris Noble on Sat May 29, 2010 8:32 pm

Internal Competition Results 2009/10

In total we had 599 entries for all 7 of the competitions (including the Print and DPI of the Year). Of these 240 were prints and 359 were projected images. For the 6 league competitions we had 46 Beginners Prints, 139 Advanced Prints, 135 Beginners DPI and 176 Advanced DPI.

The season produced 8 different winners in the Beginners section and 8 different winners in the advanced. The Beginners winners were Jude Lloyd-Johnson, Ann-Marie Metcalfe, Jacky Shennan, Elaine Williams, Pamela Davies-Ratcliffe, Steve Jones, John Bell & Helen Prince. The Advanced winners were Phil Parsons, Kevin Hirst, Chris Davies, Mike Catania, Peter Thomas, Andy Polakowski, and Chris Noble. Bill Furse was a late entrant to the winners list winning the Print of the Year.

In addition we had two newsletter competitions both won by Chris Davies. These were sponsored by Welshot Imaging and Cambrian Photography.

The overall leagues turned out to be well fought with entries from 38 members (21 beginners and 17 advanced). The final top 10 league tables are as follows:

Beginners Prints of the YearAdvanced Prints of the Year
Ann-Marie Metcalfe175Chris Davies180
Jude Lloyd-Johnson173Andy Polakowski177
Helen Prince85Peter Thomas170
John Bell71Kevin Hirst164
Steve Jones69Chris Noble160
Simon Cartwright63Ken Smyth158
G Allan Heath61Phil Parsons104
Elaine Williams39Bill Furse103
Doreen Boswell33Stuart Worrall94
Ian Parker31Johnathan Frings59
Beginners Digital of the YearAdvanced Digital of the Year
Jacky Shennan183Mike Catania173
Ann-Marie Metcalfe179Andy Polakowski167
Jude Lloyd-Johnson172Chris Davies166
Ian Parker167Kevin Hirst165
Pat Venn160Chris Noble162
Helen Prince141Peter Thomas161
Elaine Williams121Johnathan Frings160
Pamela Davies-Ratcliffe101Ken Smyth155
Steve Jones70Phil Parsons153
Doreen Boswell61Anne Smith137

Photographer of the Year
Chris Davies582
Andy Polakowski576
Kevin Hirst548
Jude Lloyd-Johnson541
Chris Noble536
Ken Smyth523
Ann-Marie Metcalfe509
Peter Thomas476
Phil Parsons410
Helen Prince318

And so congratulations go to:

- Ann-Marie Metcalfe for the Beginners Prints Award
- Chris Davies for the Advanced Prints Award
- Jacky Shennan for the Beginners DPI Award
- Mike Catania for the Advanced DPI Award
- Chris Davies for Photographer of the Year
- Ann- Marie Metcalfe for DPI of the Year
- Bill Furse for Print of the Year
- Jude Lloyd-Johnson for Most Improved Photographer of the Year (Peter Jones Memorial Trophy)
- Andy Polakowski for Life Membership Award (for long standing service to the club)

It’s been a very successful season and it’s all down to the continued support of the members and their efforts in getting entries in. The standard of entries is constantly increasing which is great for the club and I’m sure if it continues it won’t be long before we have regular success in external competitions.

We have a series of challenging competitions planned for the 2010/11 season, details of which can be found later in the newsletter.

Thanks to all who supported the competitions during the season and I look forward to your continued support in the coming year.


If anybody would like a copy of the AV showing all the successful entries for the season the please let me know.

Internal Competition Results 2009/10 Img_8710

The Award Winners from left to right are Chris Davies, Andy Polakowski (Life Membership),
Jude Lloyd-Johnson, Mike Catania, Jacky Shennan, Ann-Marie Metcalfe and inset is Bill Furse
Photo by Ian Parker

The Results of Competition 1 2009/10 can be viewed HERE

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The Results of Competition 3 (Tree Triptych) 2009/10 can be viewed HERE

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The Results of Competition 5 (Monochrome Portraits) 2009/10 can be viewed HERE

The Results of Competition 6 2009/10 can be viewed HERE

The Print & DPI Results for 2010 can be viewed HERE

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