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Mold Camera Club Interclub Battle 2011 Empty Mold Camera Club Interclub Battle 2011

Post by Chris Noble on Wed Mar 09, 2011 1:52 am

Monday 7th March and another successful evening at the club. A big thanks to David Flitcroft for some excellent judging and thanks to all the clubs who took part. The results were as follows

1st - Hoylake - 35
2nd - Mold - 32
3rd - Chester - 27
4th - Llandudno - 23
5th - Whitchurch - 21
6th - Ruthin - 15
7th - Hawarden - 10

When we got down to the last 4 images Mold had two left as did Hoylake, I quickly calculated that we needed to get first and third if we were to take the overall prize. Sadly we got 4th (Last Lap from Steve Jones) and 2nd (Neither Man Nor Boy from Mike Catania) but it was still a performance to be proud off. The eventual individual winner was Margaret Sixsmith from Hoylake.

Congratulations to Mike, Steve, Jonathan, Elaine and Pat for all having images that did very well on the night.

Thanks to all those who got involved in getting things set up, the raffle and refreshments and all who got stuck in a helped on the night. The feedback from other clubs and the judge was very complimentary.

Chris Noble
Chris Noble
Chris Noble

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Mold Camera Club Interclub Battle 2011 Empty Published in Newsletter - Vol 2 Issue 9 - April 2011

Post by Chris Noble on Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:57 am

On 7th March we welcomed representatives from 6 camera clubs to join us for our Annual Interclub DPI Competition. We were also very honoured to have David Flitcroft AFIAP DPAGB BPE2* as our judge for the evening. Each club had entered 5 images giving David the tough job of selecting a winner from a total of 35 entrants. From the outset, a quick review of all images, it was very clear that nobody in the hall would envy David's task.

It was a very exciting competition with a very high standard of images and you could tell it was going to be tough when only 4 images were eliminated in Round 1 with a further 5 going in Round 2. We lost our first image (Cold Lace - Elaine Williams) in Round 3 and in Round 4 our second entry was eliminated (Tiger - Pat Venn). Going into Round 5 there were just 14 images left and we had 3 remaining so all was not looking bad. Hoylake still had 3, Chester had 4, Llanduno 2 and Ruthin & Whitchurch had 1 each.

We had an enormous amount of prizes for the raffle and after some hard work and persuasion we manged to get rid of them all. Most were won by Mold members although Hawarden certainly took away their share.

The battle resumed and in Round 5 we lost our third entry (Bellowhead - Jonathan Frings), one of only two to go at that stage. Over round 6, 7 & 8 our entries stood firm and we reached the final stages with two entries left as had Hoylake. A quick calculation told me we needed first and third to take the overall prize.

David then announced that the image in fourth place would be Last lap by Steve Jones (groans from the audience). We now needed first place to draw with Hoylake. David chose one of the Hoylake images for third place and the tension grew. David was doing his best Phillip Schofield impression by delaying and keeping us all on the edge of our seats.

Then he announced that Neither Man Nor Boy by Mike Catania was his choice for second and an image by Margaret Sixsmith of Hoylake had won. It was a disappointing moment for the Mold supporters but in the end a good feeling of having done so well. David Flitcroft did say that on another night the top four could just have easily been in a different order.

Thanks to all who came out, worked on and supported what was a very successful night and special thanks to David Flitcroft and all our visitors.

The final results were:

Hoylake - 35
Mold - 32
Chester - 27
Llandudno - 23
Whitchurch - 21
Ruthin - 15
Hawarden - 10

Congratulations to Hoylake for their win and to Margaret Sixsmith for the individual award.

Chris Noble
Chris Noble
Chris Noble

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